Less and less often we are exposed to the fact that someone will attack us or take out the wallet from our pocket. With the development of the Internet, however, new types of financial fraud have emerged. Who is scammer and what is phishing? How to protect your credit card and bank account? We explain.

Unfortunately, but criminals are also moving with the times. They are constantly changing the way they act. However, they all have a common goal: to steal our money. Over the years, their method of operation also does not change. They use our carelessness and sometimes naivety.

The Internet has become their new field of activity

The Internet has become their new field of activity

Today, most financial operations are performed online. We will not run away from it. It makes life a lot easier for us, often opening new and previously unknown possibilities for us. It is thanks to new technologies that we can pay for a hotel at the other end of the world with a few clicks. We can also bring the thing we need from the other end of the world without leaving home.

We don’t have to go to the bank to make the transfer or to the post office to pay the bills. All we have to do is pull our smartphone out of the pocket. However, all this has its price. Banks are doing their best to secure our money, but sometimes it is very difficult.

Especially if we are careless. We will present the most common types of fraud on the Internet. How to protect your bank account? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) informs about the threats.



This is the method of sending you fake emails. They are pretty similar to messages sent by companies you know. This can be e.g. a fake PayPal email. We are often clients of a given website or bank, so the message inspires our trust. The whole problem is that a scammer sent her. Such messages often ask you to provide your details. It usually sounds very credible, but you should always be on your guard in such cases.

Most banks never ask for passwords or other information by email. Therefore, just don’t do it. And if you really need to, or the email seems credible to you, then contact the company in question whether they actually sent the email. Check the hotline numbers on the website, never call the one from the email. Remember that the data you provide opens criminals’ way to your account.

They can also fake your identity and, for example, take credit on your behalf. It is also worth checking from his e-mail the message has been sent. Often the address does not even have the company name. On her page you can see the standard address.

What is a scam?


Scam consists of sending a message in which you are most often offered some profit. There are different types. This is a big industry, which often has its headquarters on other continents. The perpetrators are therefore usually unpunished. Perhaps the most common type of scam are messages that refer to your feelings or your desire to make a profit. The former consist in the fact that an attractive person is writing to you. It could be an American general, a beautiful Russian woman who dreams of great love, or anyone else.

It is especially easy to be fooled if we actually have profiles on dating sites. What is significant for this type of message is that they are often written in broken Polish or English. We can delude ourselves that this is because the person is from abroad, but it is simply because someone in a distant country has used a translator. Such messages usually catch the heart. An inseparable element of them is, however, that after making contact you will be asked for financial support. And this for a flight to the UK, for a bribe for a visa, for an operation … The imagination of scammers knows no bounds. Similarly, with a scam that offers you profits.

An African prince, son of a billionaire, anyone can speak to you. He will always want to share his fortune with you, but he will always have a problem. For example, he will say that he must pay a bribe to an official, get to the place where he hid a bag with money, etc. Of course, he will need some help for this. Specifically yours.

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