Even if you don’t believe it, the   credit card   It is not useful just to accumulate miles or buy things without having all the money instantly. On the contrary, it is a perfect instrument to generate a   saving   In the monthly budget, everything is in how you use it and how much control you have of yourself.

Many people have demonized the cards and see them as an expense instrument, but it is necessary to change that mentality and begin to apply certain measures that will allow us to make the most of it and save, having more liquidity month by month.


Payments to a single installment do not generate interest

credit card

So, if you use the card and pay a single fee, no additional cost will be generated. But what is the reason for doing this instead of just using cash? The key is that the card gives you discounts or allows you to accumulate points.

In this way, you will end up paying exactly the same for the product, but the difference is that you will be earning points that you can later use for something else, such as airline tickets, discounts, etc.


Research the discounts the card gives you

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Suppose you were going to pay for your gym membership in cash, but when you check the discounts that your plastic gives you, you see that there is 20% in the monthly payment of a gym and when comparing prices, using your card you pay less!

So, all you have to do is save the money and pay with the card. As you will defer to a single fee, when the time comes to make the payment, you will have the money and you will see that 20% you saved is left over.

This can be repeated with many things: restaurant expenses, shopping for the month, sports activities, etc. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the card you have really gives you the right benefits for your profile. And if it turns out not, remember that you can always compare the options.


To take into account …

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Now, something very important that you should know is that, for this strategy to work, it is necessary to be clear that the money you were going to use for that expense has not been “available”. That is, you should not spend it on something else, because the payment is pending and you can pay it in one installment.

Here the self-control of each person comes into operation. If you spend it on something else, there will be no savings but double spending. If you save it and use it to cancel the purchase, there will be savings there.

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