Who would not like to go shopping without even thinking about the money? Or just treat yourself to something that the wallet otherwise does not give? Banks have come up with a suitable offer for this clientele. These banks, which are predominantly located in shopping malls and inner cities, promise their customers an instant loan today, ie a direct-lending loan.

The application is extremely simple, it is sufficient to submit the last three pay slips to the bank, a short moment to wait for the request of credit bureau, and already the money can usually be taken in cash. These loans for immediate take-off are usually micro loans and small loans in the range of 500 up to 1500 USD. Who needs a larger amount, can apply for it over the Internet.

Here, however, only one bank, the Astro Bank, offers its customers a loan with the yes loan, which is transferred to the account of the borrower on the same day by flash transfer. With a yes loan, credit amounts of up to $ 20000 are possible within one day. In both variants, in the bank or online via the Astro Bank, the positive information of the credit bureau is the decisive criterion.

How can you get an instant loan today?

How can you get an instant loan today?

For amounts up to 1,500 USD, it is sufficient to include his last three pay slips and visit the nearest bank branch, which advertises with an instant loan. The loan application can then easily be completed in the store together with an employee. To clarify here are primarily the repayment modalities, ie in what installments the borrower wants to repay his loan and how it is interest.

Once the loan agreement has been completed, the bank employee checks the credit bureau information briefly, which is the decisive criterion here, and if this is positive, the customer can usually take his money directly in cash. The application for such a microcredit so short and painless in the bank branch. If you would like to have a larger amount, you can apply for the yes credit of Astro Bank online.

Here it is sufficient to complete the completed application online and send it. The Astro Bank checks this immediately and approves this immediately in case of a positive credit bureau. Anyone who applies for a loan this morning can still avail of the instant loan today, Astro Bank offers its customers the flash transfer within one working day for a small fee.

The conditions

The conditions

Anyone who still wants to receive an instant loan today must expect a slightly higher interest rate. Of course, the interest on an instant loan is creditworthy. As a rule, interest rates are between 5.99% and 12.99% APR. Incidentally, the Astro Bank does not charge any processing fees and closing fees for its yes loan, but a small fee for the use of the lightning transfer is due.

Instant loans are generally slightly higher interest rate than regular loans, who also wants to get his instant loan still today, the must take a little higher expenses in the end, the financial institution renounces tedious review processes. Anyone wishing to have their instant loan paid out today must in any case apply for it in the morning in the case of the online application, only then can the bank guarantee the lightning transfer until the afternoon.

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