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 Status: 28Aug2012-Berlin, Germany

 My name is Richard Chambers and my frau is Ina from Spandau, Berlin.

     We try to spend the winter months on Lake Livingston in East Texas and the cool summer months with Ina's family and friends in Berlin, Germany.

     My history is rather down to earth being raised on a dairy farm in Michigan (my ancestors going at least back to 1807 in Lincoln, England were all farmers!). Got a BS from MSU in 1964, feed a lot of the neighborhood from my garden's), have spent a lot of time fishing/hunting, ham radio, and traveling. See web sites "" , "" for other details (these are 5 - 10 year old web so take with a glass of cool aid).

     Ina's history is a lot more interesting and a lot more scary at times as she was born just prior to the start of WWII in Spandau, Germany at the joining of the Spree and Havel rivers.  These were of prime interest to the boys in blue during WWII which left a big pile of rubble and lots of 250# buried all over the area (they found another three bombs this past week again!). She was helped as a young girl as a red cross child by a farm family in the Devos valley of Switzerland (a few km's from Heidi's house). She was married to a chap from Wales for some 32 years and lived in Rugby, England for some 17 years. She was a very active trekker mountain climber and was present in 1995 on Mt. Everest during that terrible 12+ foot snow storm that killed a number of climbers (read "up in thin air"). She is still very active in sports now working on her 32nd year German sports metal, plus the usual biking, swimming, power walking weekly. She is a very special wonderful person!



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